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17 September 2021

Young peace builders receive grants to implement community peace initiatives

Promoting youth leadership and participation is key in enabling young people to develop the skills and knowledge and mobilise the support needed to make informed decisions. In a quest to ensure that... Read more

24 August 2021

Human security project to advance economic and social rights of women and youth around the Senegambia bridge

For people that are faced with crises including violence of all forms, poverty, climate change amongst others, tackling their insecurities requires synergy and collaboration in a comprehensive manner... Read more

3 August 2021

Women farmers and local authorities discuss climate-induced vulnerabilities of women

Addressing climate change and its impact, has a ripple effect on ending inequality, empowering communities and fostering resilience. Ensuring that responses to climate realities are inclusive will... Read more

11 July 2021

Governor of Lower River Region calls for community commitment to achieve rights and choices for all

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected health systems all over the world, negatively impacted lives and livelihoods and brought about a new normal. For many, this new normal means limited access to... Read more

11 July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences on population

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on World Population Day Statement   For some, it has led some to postponing childbearing. For others, disruptions in health care have led to... Read more

22 June 2021

Women Empowerment Centre to provide integrated care to survivors of Gender-Based Violence

According to the 2019-20 Demographic and Health Survey, 9% of women between ages 15 to 49 in The Gambia have ever experience sexual violence, while almost 40% of ever-married women have been... Read more

20 June 2021

Opinion leaders engaged to champion the advancement of SRH and addressing GBV in the North Bank Region

In order to guarantee and maintain Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for all, access to accurate information and safe SRH services including modern contraceptive methods is required. These however... Read more

16 June 2021

Night film shows enhance social mobilisation to support realisation of the three zeros

The “I Am for Zero” campaign is a UNFPA Gambia flagship campaign that seeks to enhance community ownership towards the realisation of the agency’s three transformative results. The campaign organised... Read more

14 June 2021

School outreaches drive conversations on menstrual health and period poverty

Adolescence is a critical period in the physical, emotional and development of an individual. It is a period during which key lessons form the basis of their perception of social issues and their... Read more

12 June 2021

Community ‘Kandas’ to influence positive public perception on SRH and ending GBV

In The Gambia, opinion leaders such as religious leaders, traditional leaders including chiefs known as the Seyfos and village heads known as the Alkalolu are community gate keepers. These... Read more