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25 November 2021

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on the International Day to End Violence against Women

Violence in the online world is real. It is also wrong, and it must be stopped. It may seem like the online world is safe for women and girls. What could possibly happen, at home or in school or in... Read more

11 November 2021

Women Wellness Center to be a model for delivery of integrated GBV care

Currently, about one in every three ever-married women in The Gambia have been subjected to some form of physical, sexual or emotional violence by their current or most recent partners while about 9... Read more

6 November 2021

The Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship comes to The Gambia

Young people are faced with numerous challenges which expose them to vulnerabilities regarding their sexual and reproductive health (SRH). These vulnerabilities increase their risks of contracting... Read more

11 October 2021

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on International Day of the Girl

Girls are born with power. Every girl has within her possibilities that should flourish as she moves into adulthood, shaping her future and, with it, the world. We see examples of this everywhere, in... Read more

8 October 2021

Women Empowerment and Peacebuilding Initiative to end period poverty and address women’s climate-related vulnerabilities

Lack of access to menstrual health and hygiene products such as sanitary pads is a major factor which keeps girls out of school, perpetuates menstruation related stigma and increases inequalities. In... Read more

2 October 2021

Circumcisers drop their knives to abandon FGM in 25 communities

Harmful practices which undermine the health, dignity and bodily integrity of women and girls are often fueled by deep-seated gender inequalities in the communities they are practiced. In The Gambia... Read more

29 September 2021

Community journalists trained on sensitive SRH and GBV reporting

Community radio journalists play a vital role in influencing public perception and enhancing awareness. They are the main source of news and information for communities and cater to audiences who... Read more

25 September 2021

Once a dream, now a forgotten thought: Demba Touray discourages irregular migration

Young people form the majority of Gambian migrants taking the irregular route to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Although a dangerous journey, many young people take the risk with the... Read more

23 September 2021

Youth-led action to tackle vaccine hesitancy in hard-to-reach communities

The first case of the COVID-19 was recorded in The Gambia on 17 March 2020. The virus has ravaged economies and health systems all over the world and The Gambia is no exception. For nearly 16 months... Read more

21 September 2021

Youth leading efforts to tackle hate speech and end age old inter-community tension

In The Gambia today, over 60% of the population is below 25 years. This presents a unique opportunity for the country to yield the dividends of a youthful population by investing in their growth and... Read more