Programme For Accelerated Growth and Employment 2012-15

No. of pages: 187

Publication date: 2017

Author: UNFPA

The new development strategy titled Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment (PAGE) will cover the period 2012-2015, and has the main objective of promoting an accelerated and shared growth coupled with jobs’ creation.

The main objective of the project was to achieve a well-written and coherent PAGE strategy document. The realization of this objective was a shared responsibility between the Gambian experts involved in the process and the International consultant.

The specific objectives of this study were to:

  1. Coordinate, supervise and train the PAGE national team;

  2. Define the major orientations, strategic pillars/axis and priority actions, to be retained in the PAGE

  3. Define the Priority Action Plan (PAP);

  4. Estimate the costing of the PAP;

  5. Define the M&E system;

    Identify needs for capacity building for public administration