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As the world navigates these trouble times to ensure safety and protection of everyone, every day comes with added risks especially for women and girls. With every new reported COVID-19 case, a beating heart breaks, a smile is wiped off and the fear grows thicker.

The vulnerability of pregnant women especially during this period is enormous and of great concern to us at UNFPA. Delivering our mandate to ensure every pregnancy is secure and wanted and every child birth is safe is greater today.

UNFPA The Gambia received a request from the COVID-19 National Treatment Center in The Gambia to support a pregnant woman currently undergoing COVID-19 supervision. The forwarded complaints centered majorly around her health, nutrition and the safety of her unborn child. To ensure the wellbeing of the pregnant woman and her unborn child, the UNFPA country team did an urgent situation analysis to meet their needs during this vulnerable period.

On 21 July 2020, the UNFPA country team delivered food supplies and baby items to support the upkeep of the pregnant woman in quarantine and to the country’s COVID-19 response plan.

With delight, the beneficiary profoundly thanked UNFPA for the support rendered to her.

“I sat in my room with so much worry and tension over my flooding room and the rice I had kept for my sustainability. These items came at a right time. With this, I do not have to stress over my feeding and the safety of my unborn child. I am now at greater ease to live through this trying time safely”

For us at UNFPA, every day brings a reason to deliver, to serve and broaden smiles!



Media contact:

Isatou Jallow - Communications Associate, UNFPA The Gambia