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The young or emerging evaluator will work with the M&E officer and the evaluation team in all phases of the evaluation process. The young or emerging evaluator will support the M&E officer during the preparatory phase throughout up to the post evaluation stage (management response.) She/he can also support the Programme monitoring elements. She/he will work with the team to provide support in developing the methodological design of the evaluation by contributing to the review of initial background information and documents and the operationalization of the evaluation approach and methodology through the validation of the theory of change, the finalization of the evaluation questions, and the development of the evaluation matrix, methods, tools and indicators. The young or emerging evaluator will also participate in data collection by supporting the conduct of site visits, interviews and focus group discussions, as advised by the evaluation team leader. In addition, she/he will contribute to data analysis and the drafting of the evaluation report, including the formulation of recommendations. In addition, she/he will provide administrative support throughout the evaluation process and participate in meetings with the Evaluation Manager, UNFPA Gambia CO staff and the ERG.

The objectives of this Country Program Evaluation are:

  1. Provide an independent assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of UNFPA support and progress towards the expected outputs and outcomes set forth in the results framework of the country programme.
  2. Provide an assessment of the role played by the UNFPA country office in the coordination mechanisms of the UNCT with a view to enhancing the United Nations collective contribution to national development results.
  3. Draw key lessons from past and current cooperation and provide a set of clear and forward-looking options leading to strategic and actionable recommendations for the next programme cycle.

The full TORs are attached above. All interested applicants must submit their applications to

No paper or hard copy application will be accepted. The closing date for applications is 9th October 2020.